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My small part in trying to get back some educational standards

Recently I have seen irritating grammatical howlers appearing in British auction catalogues, including from well-known London firms. To my mind it detracts from what should at least in part be scholarly publications.


It’s for its: It’s is short for ‘it is’. Simple.

Medalette or medallet: It’s medalet

Minted: a coin or medal is struck (or sometimes, cast)

‘Sat’ or ‘stood’: This is amongst the worst of grammatical howlers, sadly on the increase. Britannia is never ‘sat’, she is seated or sitting. Likewise she is never ‘stood’ but standing.


American spellings: these are also creeping in to some British catalogues (not catalogs!). I’ve seen ‘center’ for centre and words such as ‘cancelation’ dropping the double-l.


Further irritants: “Upcoming” instead of forthcoming, the “Grocer’s S” (to imply a genitive) when a plural noun is intended.


No doubt more will follow!


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